Easy way to show you the newest games (free spins)

Online deposit 15 get 100 make 200 withdraw 100 pg Casinos launch new games every few weeks. Actually the game providers launch new games every month. And the casinos decide to add that game to their casino or not. When a casino decides to add the new game it probably wants you to play that game. They setup a marketing campaign for the new game and they inform their players that there is a new game. Adding a bonus or free spins to a certain game is a great way to promote the new game.

Most casinos offer a free spins bonus to new games. With those free spins you can try the game for free. And when you like the game you probably keep on playing it with real money. Casinos also change their free spins offers for new players often. Normally they give away free spins on the newest games because there is a lot of marketing around those new games on the internet. They want to profit from the marketing of competitors.

An online casino gives you free play money to try a few games
there are casinos that offer you an amount of free play money when you join them. With the amount of free money you can play a number of games. You can also win real money when you are lucky. Only new players receive free play money because this is the ultimate way to attract new sign ups. A lot of online players are searching free play money bonuses. With free play money bonuses online casinos generate a huge amount of sign ups. Normally the majority of these sign ups never makes a real money deposit. But there is always a share that decides to keep on playing at the casino and makes real money deposits.

Casinos think “once you have a client in you can start converting the player”. With no deposit bonuses the casino lowers the step to register a free account.

Online casinos Try to convince you to make real money deposits with their bonuses
Most welcome bonuses at online casinos are super interesting. You can collect serious amounts of real money when you use the bonuses. New players get the best bonuses. One of the reasons why online casinos give away bonuses to new players is that they try to convince you to deposit real money.

A 200% welcome bonus sounds super interesting, doesn’t it? You can triple your first real money deposit with this bonus. With this bonus the casino tries to convince you to deposit real money at their casino. It is always a hard step to make a real money deposit at an online casino. After to made a few deposits you are used to it. And you can see that the casino is safe and reliable. The bonuses are a way to let you get familiar with the casino and the payment options.

200% bonus when you join lapalingo casinoWhen you join Lapalingo Casino you receive 200% bonus on top of your first deposit

The best bonuses available at reliable online casinos
You now know why online casinos offer casino bonuses to new players. Now it is time to try a few of the casinos and the bonuses they offer. In the underneath table I selected the best casino bonuses for new players. As you can see every casino offers different bonuses. It is up to you what kind of bonus you prefer. Normally I recommend you to try a casino that offers you free spins or free play money when you join them. Take this risk free chance before you make a deposit at that casino. Maybe you win some money with the no deposit bonus.

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