Overview of the Slot Machine Fire Toad

Although there may be such a thing as a fire-bellied toad in the real world, Play’n GO has chosen to use a different animal in its bright slot machine Fire Toad. The Fire Toad King may be identified by the boiling flame above his head. The other has an interestingly strange history. Volcanoes at Cash-a-Mundo are constantly erupting, sending rivers of molten rock gushing into the ocean. What makes this island unique is that it is the breeding ground for the legendary Fire Toad. As their worth increases with age, it’s fantastic news for gamers that Fire Toads mature swiftly from tadpole to adult.

Despite its seemingly out-of-place nature, Play’n GO’s symbol upgrading function neatly ties together the development cycle. It also means that Fire Toad is a visually appealing and vibrant game, played on a 5×4 1,024 pay way grid, with the island of Cash-a-Mundo in the background, all suspiciously steamy where the lava meets the water. The setting is reminiscent of Isla Nublar, although the wildlife here is far friendlier than those ferocious GM dinosaurs.

See the Fire Toad grow and change on any device for as little as 10 pence or as much as £/€100 every spin. Despite the common perception that Fire Toad is as unpredictable as volcanic islands, this is not the case. With that said, a 7 out of 10 volatility rating indicates considerable bite, so players need beware. Keep an eye out for a high RTP percentage, which is 96.20 percent.

Any combination of three or more identical symbols in any row from the leftmost reel will trigger a payout. Combinations of 5 identical symbols pay off between 1 and 5 times your wager, and the symbols portray the Fire Toad at 5 different phases of its existence, from infant to king. The last four signs represent the four suits of playing cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades), each with a whirling pattern. We will now discuss the wild symbol, which also functions as the scatter.

Fire Toad: Slot Bonus Rounds

Both of Fire Toad’s additional features focus around symbol enhancements of some kind. The secondary modifier is activated by the appearance of exactly two scatter symbols. To use this function, select a single toad icon at random, and it will replace any and all smaller toad icons in the current viewport. After the change has taken place, your payoff will be determined, although this is by no means a surefire way to win.

The etheric butterfly is a free spirit and a loose cannon. As the wild, it may be substituted for any other pay symbol to help you win. Three, four, or five scattered symbols activate nine, twelfth, or fifteenth rounds of free play, respectively. In addition, 5 scatters anywhere on the reels will award a payoff of 250x the total wager. You may keep getting additional free spins endlessly if you get three, four, or five scatters to retrigger the bonus round.

Now even the tiniest toad receives a size increase of one during free spins. When the feature is retriggered, the mid-pay and high-pay symbols also receive an upgrade. Every upgrade follows a strict hierarchy: the lowest-paying non-card suit symbol gets promoted to the next one in the paytable, and so on. Only Fire Toad King symbols should be in play in a perfect world.

Fire Toad’s Decision on the Slot

You won’t see many jumping toads on the reels of most slots unless the game is themed after Asia. Play’n GO takes ideas one step further by creating an entirely new made-up species. By doing so, they’ve added a touch of novelty, if only on the surface. The colorful, friendly icons serve, at least temporarily, to divert attention away from the very dull gameplay. It might get boring quickly during free spins if you just have the two scatter base game modifier to keep you interested. Fire Toad succeeds as a delightful and straightforward game, perfect for gamers who don’t want anything too taxing.

Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants and its sequel come to mind immediately when playing Fire Toad because to the free spins symbol upgrading feature. There are several differences between the two competing games, but they are still easily comparable. While the overall tone may not be typical of Play’s GO’s work, the method in which all of Fire Toad’s components must align in order to realize the game’s full potential is. For instance, the premium values of the other symbols are not as high as the Fire King sign, thus you need the symbol upgrade to progress. When everything aligns, Fire Toad may award payouts of up to 5,000 times the initial wager. The odds of getting a max win are one in fifteen million, which is a lot higher than the average.

You’re either like the motif of Fire Toad or you really don’t like frogs, since that’s how the Bufonidae family comes across. If you make it to King Toad level, the symbol upgrading system may really go crazy, which is promising. The fact that similar upgrading mechanisms have been used elsewhere with greater success and bigger payoffs dampens excitement.

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